• Eddleman Quantum Institute
    University of California, Irvine

  • International Academic Conferences

    Eddleman Quantum Institute hosts preeminent scientists at Chateau Balleroy.

  • EQI Laboratory

    Students synthesize rare-earth metal complexes that are single molecule magnets and qubits.

  • Working Together to Advance Quantum Science

    Graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and faculty work together at UCI.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Eddleman Quantum Institute at UCI is to stimulate the discovery of new quantum science phenomena by developing collaborations between investigators in a broad range of scientific endeavors and to motivate future generations to study quantum science through educational and outreach activities.

Quantum science has the potential to transform the world. This is why the Eddleman Quantum Institute is so important and timely. Not only will the EQI accelerate quantum discovery at UCI, but it will establish a first-of-its kind program to educate innovative quantum scientists who will drive the next technological revolution.

– James Bullock, Dean of Physical Sciences, UCI

Roy T. Eddleman

The Eddleman Quantum Institute was initiated by a gift from Roy T. Eddleman, who is dedicated to advancing science and technology through quantum science.

Quantum Topics

Research at the EQI covers a range of interconnected topics in the quantum sciences from molecules to materials. UCI students have access to a broad education in the quantum sciences.

EQI Graduate Council

Along with the cohort of interdisciplinary faculty, graduate students in the EQI groups have formed a Graduate Council to promote interaction at the graduate student level.

Rare-Earth Metals

The Eddleman Quantum Institute at UCI has a concentrated effort on the rare-earth metals, due to the special properties of these elements. The special properties of the rare-earth metals also make them valuable in exploring the frontiers of quantum science. UCI has a focus of effort on these extraordinary metals with seven research groups working with these elements.


The Eddleman Quantum Institute at UCI has a concentrated effort on theoretical studies in the area of quantum simulations particularly with correlated systems and materials containing rare-earth metals.


The Eddleman Quantum Institute at UCI works in partnership with outreach efforts through the Southern California Section of the Cal-Bridge Program and the Bridge Program of the American Physical Society as well as UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and its Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students conduct research in quantum science at UCI in the laboratories of the EQI faculty as well as graduate students and postdocs.

International Conferences

The Eddleman Quantum Institute hosts international conferences in quantum science at locations such as Chateau Balleroy in Normandy, France 


Roy Eddleman gives
$1 million to establish new UCI graduate fellowship

Irvine, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 – The University of California, Irvine has established a new graduate fellowship to benefit students pursuing advanced degrees in quantum science.

The Quantum Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (QUROP) supports undergraduate students doing research in the broad area of quantum science.

Summer research fellowships are
available for UCI undergraduate students under QUROP.  The program is aimed at students with some prior research experience who plan to continue an intensive, faculty mentored research experience in quantum science over the summer.


Postdoctoral Fellowships:
To apply to be a postdoctoral scholar in quantum science at UCI, contact the EQI faculty member directly.

Graduate Student Fellowships:
Students interested in graduate study in quantum science at UCI should apply through the Graduate Division.

Undergraduate Student Fellowships:
Undergraduate students interested in research experience in quantum science should contact the EQI faculty member directly.


Professor William J. Evans, Director

Please email Ms. Jenise Shourds

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