Undergraduate Research in Quantum Science at UCI

Undergraduate students conduct research in quantum science at UCI in the laboratories of the EQI faculty as well as graduate students and postdocs. Some of the current undergraduates are shown below.

In addition to research opportunities in EQI groups, UCI has a very active Quantum Computing Club at UCI – watch the video. 

Kenneth Chua

The Arguilla Group

Rebecca Huynh

The Arguilla Group

Baixin Tong

The Arguilla Group

Natali Fisher

The Burke Group

Joshua Wang

The Burke Group

Chris (Jielun) Chen

The Burke group

Kimberly Zhang

The Furche Group

Sebastian Yepez

The Jauregui Group

Sean Doan

The Jauregui Group

Yi Ren

The Ruqian Wu group

Sebastian Detering

The Xin Group


Professor William J. Evans, Director

Please email Ms. Jenise Shourds

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