EQI Graduate Council

Along with the cohort of faculty, is a cohort of graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduates involved in quantum science. The EQI Graduate Council leads the activities of these researchers.

Steven Allison

Advisor: Maxx Arguilla

Siyu Chen

Advisor: Wilson Ho

“Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Single Molecule Chemistry”

Sierra Ciccone

Advisor: William Evans

“Synthesis of Rare-Earth Metal Complexes”

Amanatullah “Mishu” Khan

Advisor: Ilya Krivorotov

“”Non-reciprocal Spin Wave Propagation in Magnetic Systems”

Timothy “TJ” McSorley

Advisor: Luis Jauregui

“Dynamic Traps and Quantum Simulation using Surface Acoustic Waves”

Mara Mishner

Advisor: Ilya Krivorotov

Dan Mickelsen

Advisor: Clare Yu

“Simulations of Magnetic Noise in Classical XY and Heisenberg Spin Models”

Ryan Pederson

Advisor: Burke/White

Randy Sawaya

Advisor: Steve White

“Constructing Low-Energy Effective Models for Real Materials”

Hana Schiff

Advisor: Judith Romhanyi

Ian Sequeira

Advisor: Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi

“In Situ control of Moire’s: Topological Charge Pumping in Graphene Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) Heterostructure”

Jason Yu

Advisor: Filipp Furche

“Quantum Chemistry and Density Functional Theory”


Professor William J. Evans, Director

Please email Ms. Jenise Shourds

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