Quantum Science Links

Here are some links for more information on quantum science.

Here is a list of videos on quantum science that might be interesting.  If you have other favorite videos on quantum science, please send them to wevans@uci.edu

Andrea Morello has short videos on quantum computing.

Also if you google search Andrea Morello YouTube, you will get to the appropriate page.  Subscribing is free.  He has about 10 videos each about 3 min.

If you want to look at one single 6 minute video, here is another Morello option:

Here is a link to another video on quantum computing that moves fast so be ready when you start watching.

Jade Tan-Holmes of Up and Atom has several YouTube videos on quantum science:

Here are two more suggestions on the Schrodinger equation. The first one is relatively simple and is suitable for the beginner who wants to learn quantum physics, and the second is more like the mathematical method for the Schrodinger equations:

A short video on quantum computing:

Here is a Video about quantum computer from BIG THINK. It gives general descriptions without math or figures.

Here is a video by Veritasium that contains some of the basic physics and math behind quantum computing.

Here is a Quantum Biology 1.5 h panel discussion on quantum biology that features UCI’s Professor Thorsten Ritz

Quantum Science Links


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