Professor Maxx Arguilla selected as one of C&E News’s Talented 12 Professor Maxx Arguilla has been selected by ACS’s Chemical and Engineering News as one of this year’s “Talented 12” early career scientists out of nearly 400 chemists nominated from around the world.  In the following feature, you will learn that among his many talents, Maxx is adept at making molecular pasta with exciting optical and electronic properties: Congratulations, Maxx...

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Irfan Siddiqi

Quantum Computing: Harnessing the Unseen Special Guest Speaker Irfan Siddiqi – UC Berkeley – Professor of Physics Quantum mechanics describes the physical world around us with exquisite precision, with no known violations of the theory. Ironically, this precision comes with some additional baggage: the theory permits the existence of a host of complex, delicate entangled states of the physical world, many of which have yet to be produced or observed. The debate of whether their...

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Roy to The World

The Roy Eddleman Story On Saturday February 18th 2023, friends and loved ones gathered to honor the life of our friend Roy Eddleman with a dinner and viewing of the documentary that was created about his extraordinary life. Please click on the link to view the 5 short films which make up “Roy to the World, the Roy Eddleman Story”.

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Special EQI Seminar by Chris R. Monroe

Special Eddleman Quantum Institute Seminar by Professor Christopher R. Monroe Professor Christopher R. Monroe (Duke University and IonQ, Inc.) Monday, October 24, 3:30 PM Room 1010 ISEB  Quantum Computer Systems based on Atoms Quantum computers are endowed with the remarkable ability to store and process ungodly amounts of information and tackle problems intractable on conventional computers.  However, the exotic quantum laws of data superposition and entanglement...

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Thursday, August 25, 2022 Lucas Van Wyk Joel UCI Physical Sciences Communications Undergraduate attendees of the RERCSS summer program, alongside some of their instructors, standing in front of the Science History Institute in Philadelphia. For many of the undergrads, this was their first time attending a scientific conference. Picture Credit: Jerome Robinson First, a chance meeting between a journalist and Professor Bill Evans of the UCI Department of Chemistry led to a magazine...

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Quantum scientist Dr. Roberta Sessoli

Quantum scientist Dr. Roberta Sessoli gives seminar at UCI EQI supported a seminar at UCI by the world famous quantum scientist, Dr. Roberta Sessoli, of the University of Florence, who discovered the first molecular single-molecule magnet as a graduate student.

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Rare Earth and Quantum Science Chemistry Summer School June 25-26, 2022

Rare Earth and Quantum Science Chemistry Summer School Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 25-26, 2022 Have you ever wondered what underlies the chemistry of your smart phones or speakers? What about the chemistry of renewable energy technologies, such as those found in electric cars or wind-turbines? How could small molecules be used to generate stable imaging agents, sensors, or catalysts that can enable applications in medicine and the chemical industry?  Perhaps you’re curious about emerging...

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The Eddleman Quantum Institute (EQI) has awarded 6 graduate research fellowships (GRF) for 2022-2023

The Eddleman Quantum Institute (EQI) has awarded 6 graduate research fellowships (GRF) for 2022-2023. These fellowships exist thanks to the generous support from philanthropist Roy Eddleman. The EQI stimulates the discovery of new quantum science phenomena through interdisciplinary collaborations in a broad range of scientific endeavors and motivates future generations to study quantum science through education and outreach activities. The 2022- 2023 EQI GRF recipients are: Steven...

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The Quantum Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (QUROP) supports undergraduate students doing research in the broad area of quantum science.

The Quantum Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (QUROP) The application window for the 2024 Quantum Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (QUROP) is now open!  QUROP supports undergraduate students doing research in the broad area of quantum science. At least 26 faculty members at UCI are currently working in this exciting, developing area as detailed in the Eddleman Quantum Institute (EQI) website: Summer research fellowships are available for UCI undergraduate...

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Roy Eddleman gives $1 million to establish new UCI graduate fellowship

Funds will support student learning and research in quantum science Irvine, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 – The University of California, Irvine has established a new graduate fellowship to benefit students pursuing advanced degrees in quantum science. The program was made possible through a $1 million endowment from philanthropist Roy T. Eddleman and matching funds provided by UCI’s Graduate Division. Eddleman’s gift is a follow-on to the $1.5 million he donated to the university in 2020...

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