Inti Sodemann

Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy

The Sodemann group studies the collective behavior of aggregates of quantum entities like electrons, atoms, spins, photons, etc. We focus on exotic quantum states, such as those featuring emergent fractionalized particles which can dramatically differ from those found in the vacuum of our universe. We also study the collective motion of quantum particles and how can it be controlled with the potential to lead to novel quantum technological devices.

One of our current focuses is to try discover unconventional quantum mechanisms for the production of electric currents in response to light that could offer a new paradigm for solar cells. Another effort is devoted to understand and propose new ways to detect fractionalization of quantum matter in experiments, such as the measurement of low-temperature magnetic noise with NV center qubits. Additionally, we are also developing mathematical tools to understand strongly interacting and fractionalized states of matter, such as higher dimensional bosonization techniques and duality transformations.


Professor William J. Evans, Director

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